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U.K FREE SHIPPING : 2-3 Working Days

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Within 14 days of you receiving your item please. No Problem 🙂


Here is the catch. At the moment we do not have a free returns system in place. So im afraid unless there is something wrong with the item ( damaged, dirty, or misdescribed by us… Wrong colour, Size )  then im afraid you will have to cover the return. Sorry.

( We will advise you on the cheapest way to return & we may even offer you a little something in return )

Yes. yes we are on eBay


We are on eBay with the exact same items, so its up to you… 

but……. We do offer discount codes on our website !!! So……..

( Feel free to ask us for a discount, we cant always guarantee it, so please don’t get annoyed at us 🙁 but if you do have one, please remember you can only use 1 code at a time. Sorry)

I feel like we have forgotten something??


Not sure.. so if you do have a question please feel free to contact us via the form below. We reply to every message & we do it a.s.a.p!

The Form !!!

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